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When I wrote Some Thoughts and Allegory Behind Fractale, I did not realize that Fractale has only one episode left. I thought there were two or three more episodes to go. Now that the series came into conclusion, after watching this anime, I felt like I was in the limbo of questions. I’m not particularly bombarded with questions; it’s only that I can see apparent holes that I needs to be filled in.

The last episode is rushed, it is like they forced to fit all the information but only wasted half of the episode because instead of answering questions they generated more unresolved matters. Questions such as why do Fractale system needs a key in the first place, did Claine realize that the collector is his father, and what exactly pushed Phryne to become the key, left me in big “HUH?” after the last episode.

Nevertheless I’m not disappointed with this anime, it may not be the conclusion that I wanted to see but overall I was entertained. Also, I commend how it brings up the issue of technology to human sociability and how it heavily relies on symbolism. However, am I considering to re-watch this in the future–no.