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Here’s a set of anime songs that I like to listen lately. It’s a collection of feel-good music and composed mainly of alternative—rock, pop and acoustic. These songs are something that I would listen whenever I’m traveling by subway, driving in daylight, sitting on my bean bag, thinking what will be my next post, and conditioning myself into anime mode.

My Playlist 1 : AudioScape (Click Image to Download Song)

Song: Aoi Shiori
Artist: Galileo Galilei
Anime: Ano Hana

For sure, majority of anime viewers know this song. This is the OP of Ano Hana and truly speaks about the theme. The beat in the very beginning is so catchy. My favourite line is “Something must be wrong with me.”

[Download Abridged]

Song: Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari  Artist: supercell
Anime: Bakemonogatari

This is Shaft’s Bakemonogatari ED song. First time I heard of this music, I instantly connected with it due to the piano tune and the sexy vocals. The lyrics are wonderfully written and complement the plotline very well.

Song: Kimi ni Todoke
Artist: Tanizawa Tomofumi
Anime: Kimi ni Todoke

This Kimi ni Todoke’s OP song has cool tune which rightly fits the carefree characters of KnT. The wordings are lovely for it suits nicely with Kazehaya and Sawako’s love story.

Song: Sakasama Bridge
Artist: Suneohair
Anime: Arakawa Under the Bridge

This ending song is the reason why I always find myself excited whenever an episode concludes. The melody and beat is so entrancing that I didn’t really mind what the lyrics say.

Song: Hana Nokori Tsuki
Artist: nano.RIPE
Anime: Hanasaku Iroha

Aside from the lovely art. this OP song surely made the series livelier. Who would’ve ever forgotten Ohana rushing down the stairs while fixing her pins and pulling her strings in place? Cool huh? Forget about the lyrics, I’m not a big fan of it; however it’s so grooving to see how the tempo and character movements perfectly in-sync together.

Song:Hana no Iro
Artist: nano.RIPE
Anime: Hanasaku Iroha

Acoustic is a must in on my playlist. I simply adore this song because I like how they used the tune to fittingly suit the mood. Also, the lyrics are sensibly written and poignant.

Song: Centefolia
Artist: Ceui
Anime: Aoi Hana

This is the type of music that you would want to listen when you’re laying down under the tree while daydreaming of whatever. It’s very refreshing and enchanting. Like the other songs on this list, it flawlessly fits its anime.

Song: Akai Coat
Artist: Sunehair
Anime: Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge

Although I didn’t really feel a deep connection between this ED song and its anime, I happened to love this because of its laid-back melody and lyrics—songs like this suit my personality.

Song: Morning Arch
Artist: Kawano Marina
Anime: A-Channel

This OP song together with its animation is very well constructed and animated. I truly enjoy listening to the relaxed but groovy beat and tone.

Song:Fuwa Fuwa Time
Artist: Yoko Hikasa
Anime: K-On!!

I got attached to this song because K-On!! reminds me of how enjoying my high school was. Each time I listen to this song, it throws back silly and fun memories, that’s why how am I supposed to leave this behind? This has some nice punk rock beat that would make anyone feel genki.

A Little Bit About This Week:

I’m so overjoyed that I finally graduated from my beloved University of Toronto. It had been my home for the last four years and educated me beyond academics. I’m so proud to be one of its alumni.


Side Comments:

  • Technically it’s Thursday, but I’m going to pretend that it’s Saturday because I might not be able to go online on that day.
  • This is my very first anime playlist. They’re refreshing—an escapism, in a good way—to my ear.
  • I don’t really understand the wordings and only heavily rely upon the available translations, however that didn’t stop me from appreciating these songs.
  • Most importantly, all credits and copyrights belong to the artists and studios of the respective songs.