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Reading was not used to be for everyone. In the early days, only the privilege ones had the opportunity to read. Despite of this fact, not all books were accessible to the public. One example is the promulgation of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. This was a list of all the prohibited books, mostly based on Arts and Science, which were banned by the Church. Hence, it’s no wonder if Dantalian no Shoka is heavily themed with mythology and some religious references.

Further, one of the most obvious references of this series was the used of the term “Dantalian,” (popularly known as “Dantalion”) it’s described as the demon of knowledge who emits a blue aura and holds a book on his right hand. According to the book of Key to Solomon’s Key, he’s the Duke Great and Mighty appearing in the form of a man with many Countenances, and it’s also said that Dantalion teaches all Arts and Sciences—during the old times, these topics were said to counter the teachings of the Church. So arguably, linking to Arts and Science was the main reason why this series used Paracelsus’ Liber de Nymphis.

Although I have no idea what’s the connection between Paracelsus and the sheol, I believed that one of the grounds why this anime “phantomized” Liber de Nymphis was because during Paracelsus time, his works were largely misinterpreted. His approach to nature which was known for understanding the role elemental spirits was labeled by some as fake medicine. Also, his books on medicine were rampantly regarded as something that’s pertaining to magic, alchemy and occult philosophy. Hence, this justifies why Dalian considered Paracelsus’ Liber de Nymphis as a Phantom Book which was never meant to exist the world.

So, what about the relationship between Paracelsus and the circus? Since Paracelsus, had been regarded as a freak of his time, his book became an ideal candidate to seal the freaks. In addition, the binary thinker in me suggested that it’s a matter of knowledge of nature transcribing to civilization versus wilderness. Further, circus is known for presenting man taming animals. As aforementioned, Paracelsus is celebrated for his elemental beliefs. For him non-humans should be treated well, “although they are beasts, they have all the reason of man, except the soul.”

For sure, these are not the only references used in this anime. I just happened to pick these because they sound nice. Also this time, I’m just going skip summarizing the plot. Pretty much the main idea of this series is, knowledge can be the start of sin. Those who unfittingly hold knowledge will just break down the laws of reason and causality, thus it became Dalian and Huey’s mission to protect the library.


Side Remarks:

  • This post is meant for Thursday, however I just realized that the moment I post this on Thursday, a new episode is already out.
  • Is there a need to strictly stick with schedules in terms of posting?
  • The two characters are so adorable and so good-looking.
  • Huey is the most reliable male lead that I’d seen lately. He’s truly a bodyguard potential.