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Writer’s block has been my ongoing problem since I started blogging. Sometimes I couldn’t think of anything to say or sometimes I’m too overwhelmed with ideas that I would like to present. However, although I’m calling these thoughts as “stumbling blocks”, I would like to note that they’re also somewhat functioning as foundation of my blog post.

Don’t Know Where to Start

For some reason, this usually happens each time I schedule a day to write a post prior to my deadline. On average, I’m spending 20-30 minutes staring at the white sheet of my word processor. It is as if the blankness of the screen resonates with what I have in mind, and it’s so super annoying I’m wasting time like that. Perhaps that’s because I’m not a “pen and paper” type of a writer, so I don’t scribble and outline my thoughts. Further, there were also instances when it felt like my brain was drowning in information, which making it hard to organize my thoughts because there’s so many themes to choose from—but unfortunately none of them offers a complete sense.

Indulging Distractions

Most of the time, this is the second layer after not knowing what to write. Initially, I’m telling myself that I’m just going to watch something else (because there’s nothing bloggable about the anime that I’d seen), or I’m just going to do some minor research (because I don’t know everything, who does?!), or I’m just going to take a mini break (because it is exhausting to think and stare at that white screen). As I allow myself being sidetracked, next thing I knew is I burned my time reading and doing unrelated stuff like youtubing, twittering, facebooking, BBMing, and even eating! However, these are not totally negative for me though because most of the time non-related anime stuff helps me to generate new ideas and pressuring me to procrastinate.

I’m Too Tired

As much as I don’t want to blame real life commitments, oftentimes they are actually the reason why I’m so drained out of ideas. However, I would say that this is also the easiest to overcome because if I’m tired of something, I’m just going to brush it off and sleep. Afterwards, my fresh new mindset allows me to think clearly, and I’m more realistic once fully awake and alert. Also, the thoughts of not meeting my deadline give enough motivation and brain stimulation for me to formulate interesting topics.

Lacking Creativity

I’m not really a literary person. I have this anxiety that I’m carrying since I was in high school, which keeps on visiting me whenever I can’t think of a topic right away. Those huge and visible C-H-O-P-P-Y remarks on my essays were nightmares for me. Also since I major in Math, I didn’t really have enough courses that would enhance my writing. And as for aniblogging particularly, I haven’t seen that much anime yet. Because of this, most of my ideas are just based from non-anime materials that I read and learned from somewhere. For this reason, I find it hard to orchestrate my thoughts into something that a general avid anime viewer would find interest to look at. That’s why I truly admire those bloggers and commenters who can reference different kinds of anime onto their posts and arguments. But hey, I guess my lack of knowledge about anime makes my writing unique.

For the past four months that I have been blogging, I would say that it’s really challenging and it’s not an easy hobby. However, it’s extremely satisfying and fulfilling once the post has been published especially knowing that time and effort was invested to craft it.