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I’m glad to announce that I updated my blog name to Lemmas and Submodalities.

I’d say that setting a blog title has been the most challenging thing that I did for this website. I’ve been thinking of catchy yet meaningful words that would personify this site ever since I decided to blog. Believe it or not, it took me five months to come up with this name. In fact, it was only through a spark of the moment which ignited my brain cells to verbalize this thought. And to be honest, I don’t even remember how these words surfaced on my subconsciousness. But, I didn’t really mind if I had to wait forever till I come up with this name since I always knew what I wanted. I just really needed to be patient enough and dug deeply into my innermost thoughts.

What does it mean?

Lemma (Greek λήμμα; from mathematics) is a proposition proved or accepted for immediate use in the proof of some other proposition.

Submodality is the smallest building block of our thoughts something that helps us remember what we have seen, heard, felt, smelt, and tasted both externally and imagined.

So why Lemmas and Submodalities? After five months of blogging, most of my writing is all about proving my points and insisting my ideas no matter how profound or shallow my thoughts were. Also, my themes were usually taken from a small content, and then explored and amplified based on my understanding of the world and my senses. Hence, Lemmas and Submodalities is a perfect quintessence of how I perceive this blog–my thoughts.

So, looking forward to this Fall Season, I’m planning to have some minor changes on my blog. I’m not going to stick with my Saturday schedule, although I will most likely publish a post on that day. Also, I’m challenging myself to have at least seven posts a month. I may sound ambitious, however, I realized that if I’m going to do the same routine, I will just get bored. Thus, changing my old habits will make me innovative and will pump some creativity.



  • Just a small request, for all those who included me on their blogroll, I will greatly appreciate if you will update my blog name from SnippetTee’s Blog to Lemmas and Submodalities. Thank you~