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Fate/Zero’s fate is not zero to me. Initially, I have no plans of watching this. It was only due to the constant recommendation by some MAL and twitter friends that forced me to add this on my trial listing. But after watching the pilot episode, it certainly became one my potential favourites this season. Its awesome visuals and marvellous audio effects stunned me. Most of all, the discussion of Holy Grail as an ultimate reward and the application of magical whatnots secured its place on my watch list. But I have to be honest, if there’s one thing that lacked impact on me, that’s the not-so-dramatic used of the camera shots.

Obviously, in every competition there are always states of rewards and punishments. And for someone who wants to fast forward learning and training, Operant Conditioning is stipulated in order to fuel the fundamental vocabulary of drives which entails body needs sensed as desires, ran through as fantasies and expressed as goal-oriented behaviour.

Rewards imply a motivational system for the upholding and reiteration of deeds which satisfy some criterion of value while punishment should serve to diminish and dishearten disadvantageous or dangerous behaviours. With all the whimsy fantasy and exquisite used of might and magic, it’ll be interesting to see how the characters will battle and quest for one ultimate reward. Also, if there’s one thought that I find so appealing and apparent in Fate/Zero, it is how the human sense is warped by the sequences of needs and desires.

Right now, Kariya is the most sensationalised character for me. Not only because of Sakura’s worm scene—which is gross by the way—but also due to his caring character. It is said that the innermost dialectic in the mind is approach and avoidance. Logically, objects of desire are approached and objects of apprehension are avoided. With Kariya’s character, we have witnessed the basic animal instinct on how to master the balance between these two reciprocal tendencies. In order to save Sakura, he’s punishing his self by signing a deal with his dad and consuming this self-inflicting pain of containing the worms inside his body—seriously who does that?! At the same time, the thoughts of keeping Sakura safe gives him pleasure which rewards him to stay sane while enduring the madness the he got into.

I have no idea what Fate Stay/Night is all about but so far Fate/Zero is starting to enchant me. Hopefully, this show will continue its rewarding pace.