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Fall Anime 2011 started with loads of good shows to choose from. I’m actually enjoying the list of anime that we have this season compared to the ones that we had last summer.

Now that I’m heading to my third season of aniblogging, I realized that visual sensation and perception are such important key factors whether I’m going to initially check out or ignore an anime. Honestly, in selecting which to follow, of all the possible ingredients of the show, art is something that I’m mostly concerned. Since anime is a viewing experience, it is only natural that I use animation and graphics as my first layer to filter my list. After all, anime’s is all about bringing words to life wherein the viewers can see and experience the movements and aesthetics of the characters and their platform.

Aside from the art, I strongly considered the type of genre that an anime has. Regular visitors of this site might have noticed that I’m a slice-of-life and psychological anime aficionado, and not really a mecha and ecchi fan—though, I would say that I don’t strictly rule these out of my list because I always give an exception. Genre is vital criterion because it defines the architecture of the world that I’m going to get into and the rhetorical situations that I’m going to experience. In addition, it situates me into different discourses that I would like to explore or to be part of. In fact, I extremely rely on this in figuring out the theme that I’m going to blog about or how I foresee my writing.

Further, it is also essential for me to have at least one character that I will enjoy to look at throughout the series. Let’s keep it real, you need an eyegasm to sense something—and it’s not just based on the looks, but also on the personality of the character. You’re going to follow an anime for three months or so, if you don’t have this special character, it’ll be like dinner with strangers wherein you’d rather be alone. Of course, it’s not necessary that you love the character. You can be a sadistic viewer who wants to see a character to be humiliated. Or, you can be an elitist viewer who has nothing to do but to mock and badmouth the show—this kind of viewers are what I don’t understand, they seem to have so much time to waste.

Lastly, plot. Indeed, this is the last thing that I always consider whenever I decide to screen an anime. I would like to enjoy first what I’m seeing before I invest my time analysing the show. As long as the other three conditions are satisfied, I only start minding the plot when I’m already on the fourth or fifth episode. On the other hand, plot and surprises are essential motivators for me to keep up with the show.

So what am I following this season? After watching the first episode…

  • Fate/Zero – holy grail discussions, magical whatnots, and nicely done graphics allured me to follow this show.
  • Chihayafuru – I have a soft spot for strong-willed, nerd, and weird bishojo. Seeing Chihaya, and even the teenage Taichi, is good enough for me to follow this show. Also, the second episode showed a lot of promise.
  • Persona 4 The Animation – this is my most anticipated Fall anime, and its first episode didn’t fail to deliver. Also, Yuu and Chie are such eye-candies.
  • Mirai Nikki – I don’t know who the characters are and I wasn’t charmed by its visuals. However, the first episode immensely surprised me with its mystery and psychoticness.
  • Mawaru Penguindrum (from the last season) – how can I ever drop this? Its shock-factor continues to seduce me. It’s so predictable that it contains loads of surprises, but the eminence of the twist is so mindboggling.


Blog Update:

  • Aside from having a blog name, I just recently changed the layout. I’m still on the process of arranging it, but any criticisms and suggestions on how to improve it will be gladly appreciated.