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For those who wear eye-glasses, conceivably you have been teased as four-eyes or nerd at some point of your life. If not, you may have encountered in anime that meganekkos were mocked for being meek, boring, indifferent and pathetic.

It’s such quite a shame that glasses wearers were stereotyped with having these somewhat not-so-nice qualities. However, that’s now a thing in the past! Looking in the mainstream culture, despite the fact that glasses are often associated with being “nerdy”, geek looks have been embraced and acknowledged as sexy which is definitely a clear statement that we can see in Persona 4 The Animation.

Most people think that eyes can speak and are the windows to the soul. Since your eyes are the gateway to your emotions, the type of eyeglass frames you wear, colour and shape can tell a lot about you. It can convey whether you are a radical or conservative, a casual type or serious kind of a person.

As they say, one sees the world in a different way, through a new lens. Likewise, eyeglass frames for face shapes of diverse types, if properly chosen, can change the way in which the world looks at you. For instance, a strong appearance in subterranean blue, with metal accents and temple cut-outs characterized worldly and adventurous looks. Thus, the style of your eyeglass frames expresses information that you want to convey to others and strongly affects the impression of your personality.

Further, eyeglasses are no longer just a medical necessity but also a fashion accessory in their own right. Say for example, who would have thought that the retro half-rimmed eye glasses that most people got teased for being “old-fashioned” is going to be a hot modish accessory? As a matter of fact, this nerd glasses are incredibly in style right now among the fashion forward crowd.

And since eyeglasses serve as the porthole to your eyes, to some extent they depict how you see things in your world. Sure, they might be associated to some petty stereotypes such as nerdy and plain. However, we cannot take away the fact that glasses wearers are also perceived as intellectual and sophisticated–which is usually the case. As a matter of fact, in the 17th century, eyeglasses were symbol of wealth, status and intelligence not just in Europe but also in other parts of the world like China. Hence, in other words, glasses are something that emanates a character unto them, that when fused with the person’s style, forms an entirely new persona.

So if you’re going to be asked whose glasses do you like the most among the Persona 4 characters, who would pick and why? –Personally, I find Chie Satonaka’s glasses as the trendiest. I like how those rectangular neon yellow frames render a playful and groovy character. It’s “nerdy” but at the same time it’s very hip, chic and practical.