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December is finally here and it’s really fun seeing those cute anime avatars with Santa Hats. Oh yes, Christmas is on the air! Since this is the first Christmas of Lemmas and Submodalities, I want to make this month a little bit more special and put a little bit more effort in blogging, After all, tis’ the season to be jolly. *Hmm, I guess the last sentence is a bit off but that’s okay.* So, moving along…

Just like most anibloggers, I decided that I’m going to write my first ever 12 Days of Christmas from December 14 to December 25. In real life, I don’t keep diaries, journals, and organizers. Plus, I’m not really fond of writing drafts because I have a low writing stamina and usually my first draft is my last, that’s why I’m really excited to try this out. And since this is going to be a 12 consecutive day activity, this might be the perfect moment to teach myself on how to write drafts beforehand. It also came across my mind that once I get old, like a granny old, *as I sit under the mistletoe with my cane, not the candy but the wood one*, it will be nice if I have something that I can read and reminisce on how I was as Snippet Tee—gawd, it’s cheesy but it’s true! And geez, we need more super old people in anime flashing back their childhood memories… just saying.

Anyway, I’m thinking that I want to talk about the most memorable characters, scenes, music and experiences in this virtual and anime sphere. So pretty much, I want to pattern my 12 Days of Christmas based on The Emmy’s or The Oscar’s because of their lavishness and grandeur… But hmm, now come to think of it, ripping videos is tremendously demanding so maybe I’m going to think of something similar but less tiring.

That being said, I’m not going to post anything on next week. Not that I’m slacking off, it’s just that I will be on a trip. This sweet escape away from the city is something that I’ve been looking forward to for the longest time and the best birthday gift that I can ever ask for. So before I stuck myself in winter, I will be spending some time where I can enjoy the sun. *Oh yes, welcome to the good life!*

Also, I started downloading some manga on my tablet so hopefully I can start reading my backlogs—which I highly doubt that I’ll be able to finish, but nevertheless. So I guess that’s everything for now. I look forward reading other bloggers’ 12 days of Christmas entries.