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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

My humble beginnings set off as a contributor for AniSpot. I used to hang around on MAL from time to time until one day I saw that this anime blog was in need of members. I applied and got in. For two months, I was a resident blogger who’s posting on a weekly basis. It’s such a pleasure to blog for them because my blogmates were really helpful and I learned from them. But as I continued writing, the curiosity and desire to fully explore the mechanics of blogging grew in me. Until one night after studying for my exams and being so down for the entire day, just to divert my attention and forget the stress, I decided to create a WordPress account.

More flashbacks…

My earliest encounter with anime happened with Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. As a kid, I was so emotionally absorbed by these shows because of their fantasy and heart-warming storylines. Also, I loved watching the adorable and whimsy transformations of these magical girls. But, the first to fully blow me away and profoundly impact me was Neon Genesis Evangelion. Forget about the robots, I enjoyed how much symbolisms and encrypted messages there were. And most of all, I was deeply touched by Rei’s character and, for some reason, I was entertained by Shinji’s pain. But sadly, none of my friends were into anime (at least my older brother was into it) that’s why I never really had a chance to explore it while growing up and kept my fondness secret and limited.

On the other hand, what truly led me to read blogs is not because of anime per se but rather due to manga, particularly Girlfriends, a yuri manga by Morinaga Milk. It all started from reading through the online readers. Eventually, I began to download files so that I could carry them with me, until I became fixated that every day I was checking if the recent chapter was already out. As I waited for the release, I began clicking the links to the other sites which in due course led me to forums and blogs.

As I surfed around, I did find interesting discussions and write-ups. However, nothing resonates exactly what I have in mind. Indeed, forums and comment sections are for public chat however I felt like these are too overcrowded. Aside from that, before I get there, there were already existing threads and discussions going on. First, I felt so lost. And second, I felt like I was being impolite if I’m just going to jump into the conversation and write my own stuff—it’s like making noise or loutishly butting into an in-depth conversation.

More so, I was too busy with school and work. I have marks that I needed to maintain and expectations that I must meet. But one day, I bumped into MAL Signature Scripter’s club. I really enjoyed the designs and scripting that’s why I decided to create a MAL account. And from there, the rest is history.