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Who would have ever forgotten about Kyubey, the infamous character of Mahou Shoujo Madoka and arguably the most debatable character of the year? This cutesy rodent-like creature significantly raised Madoka into the pedestal. What I truly find interesting about Kyubey is how he plotted such villainous acts without actually being wicked. It was long debated whether he’s evil or not. But until now, I still stand by my belief that he’s neither good nor evil. He’s simply amoral.

Truth and Trickery

One of the most interesting topics that Kyubey brought up was the notion of truth and trickery. Some say that this manipulative creature is evil because he turned vulnerable girls into magical girls to fight the evil witches. However, the tricked was he didn’t tell these girls that by doing so, their pure seeds would turn into grief seeds. On the other hand, the pro Kyubey ones are arguing that there’s nothing wrong with what he did. Kyubey asked the girls to sign on a contract to maintain a surplus of usable energy in the universe. This collected energy from the magical girls’ emotions is being used to refill the lost energy. Hence, Kyubey is only acting for the greater good.

So why did I see Kyubey as amoral?

Amoral is being free from moral and immoral beliefs. Personally, when it comes to morality, I’d like to think that it’s nothing but well crafted and defined ideas of right and wrong, wherein these notions are not universal and simply man made. I believe anyone who’s amoral sees truth as a “necessary lie” to set the order of things—believing that we are pre-programmed by nature to carry out such tasks in the world.

In addition, according to Kyubey, the problem with humans is, because of our emotions, we don’t simply accept things the way they are especially if we are the ones being aggravated and used as sacrificial lambs—which eventually creates chaos within the order. For instance Sayaka, she signed on a contract to reverse Kyosuke’s fate. However, she couldn’t accept the result when the outcome didn’t go her way—which was obviously because she cheated on fate. Also, Sayaka should’ve asked what the contract was all about before signing on.


Side Notes:

  • My very first post for this blog is about Mahou Shoujo Madoka.
  • Remember those days when this emoticon was everywhere? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\