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I want you to close your eyes and remember. Who’s the most hilarious character whom you had seen this year?

It was only this year that I started following anime shows. That’s why when I picked up Kimi ni Todoke, the entire series was already aired. Further, I decided to watch this lovely anime because I read lots of good reviews and impressions about both of its anime and manga. And indeed, it didn’t fail to amaze me. I got the shoujo, drama, and comedy that I was craving for. It was this year that I had seen it’s first season (so far), but if I would name the most hilarious anime that I had seen this year, hands down, I would award it to KnT, and that’s mainly because of Sawako.

Just like any nice female lead on anime, Sawako Kuronuma epitomized the goodness of heart and demureness of a lady. But here’s the catch that I truly loved about her, she overdoes being so nice without being so irksome and boring. It’s so pityingly but at the same time hilarious to see how she’s so vulnerable to deception and often misunderstood. Because of her hairstyle, introversion, and gloomy vibe, she was being hilariously resembled to Sadako, a character from The Ring.

In addition, despite all of her funny and clumsy moments, one scene that truly stood the most among all the comedy shows that I followed this year was when Sawako set her email address to Sawako.not.Sadako.1231. The combination of over kindness, naivety, and free-spiritedness plus the cutesy fancy chibi art, bubbles, stars and blushes, and uproarious email address comically portrayed Sawako and crafted the scene in an extremely striking and memorable way. Like seriously, who would ever name their email addresses like that with such glee and excitation. And aside from that, Ayane and Chizura’s facepalmed expressions sprinkled the finishing touches of this comedic scene.

Hence, if I have to give the most unforgettable and funniest character award, I would bestow it to Sawako and her Sawako.not.Sadako.1231. Who’s yours?