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Nothing too serious about this post…

This “WTF” article was supposed to be for Mami’s Death in Mahou Shoujo Madoka. But since some bloggers already wrote something about that scene, I decided to dedicate this post to Yukiatsu of Ano Hana.

Ano Hana is one of the strongest contenders for the best Summer Anime of this year. It’s poignant and dramatic story of death, childhood trauma, nostalgia and friendship captured the viewers’ heart easily despite of its not so nice animation. In fact, after seeing the first episode, I got inspired to write an initial impression on how it easily won me over. Not to mention, I really liked its OP.

But to cut the chase, I’d like to point out that the most memorable moment on this series was when Yukiatsu had been revealed as a cross dresser. If I recall correctly, “Manma” infamously became a household name on twitter whenever Yukiatsu was being talked about. There was also lots of hating because of how “jerk” he was.

Actually for me, Yukiatsu is one of my most favourite characters on this series, together with Tsurumi. That’s because it’s rare to find a strong-willed and arrogant male character who has high IQ and EQ. Also, his “psychoticness” became the cherry on top which absolutely made him a very interesting character. Since this is a drama series, when it comes to showing passion and pain, Yukiatsu certainly dismissed Jinta and Poppo—seriously, this cross-dresser knows how to entertain and maximize his screen time.

In terms, of his style as “Manma,” I’m fine with it since he looked like Ritsu from K-On—geez, that hair band.



  • I wrote this post on a whim and I felt like I’m lacking quality on this post. But I guess if you have a massive headache and 37°C temperature, you just blab and remember weird but remarkable stuff.