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This delightful watch is about Yune, a Japanese meiko, who went to Paris, to work for Claude, who initially reluctantly accepted to take care of her. But overtime Claude learned to like and understand Yune.

Some might say that Ikoku Meiro no Croisée might seem too simple and too laidback, but it actually brought up some interesting political and inner self issues. Here’s the article that I wrote regarding how beauty becomes instrumental in maintaining gender and power relations.

Aside from that, it’s so rare to find a show with no exasperating but only lovable characters. To be honest, at first, I thought Alice was going to be an annoying spoiled brat who would torment Yune’s life to death. But then it turned out that she’s going to be the loveliest character on this show. Indeed, Yune and Camille are gorgeous but, for me, nothing beats Alice. She’s very adventurous, knows exactly what she wants, and likes to defy the tradition.

And of course, what else can be cuter than cute girls doing cute stuff? I’m not going to lie. One of the key reasons why I loved watching this show was because of Yune and Alice’s yuri-fic moments. They were so adorable together that they never failed to put a smile on my face. It was also so heart-warming and dokidoki to see how Alice cared a lot for Yune–which really gives a very long lasting hnnggg effect.

For anyone who only wants to enjoy and relax, I highly recommend this cheering and uplifting show. Apart from the endearing characters, this series has exquisite animation and nice music that anyone will take pleasure in. It will certainly give you a time travelling experience of the late 19th century with its detailed presentation of the intricate French architecture, the dazzling gowns of the Late Victorian era, and the timeless elegance of the Kimono.