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Two of the biggest questions of the year are what and where exactly is the Penguindrum. Apparently, the most recent episode already revealed that it can be found inside the Destiny Express. So since this is my last chance to speculate before the finale, might as well guess wildly that the Penguindrum is the heart. I was inspired to say this after seeing the apple inside that some sort of a spinning globe because it looked like a heart inside the rib cage. Apart from that, when it comes to fictions, it’s always being considered that the continuity of life depends on the heartbeat—survival strategy.

Another thing about this show that I’ve been thinking in a while now is what are those penguins for and what are they? And, how come Masako’s penguin looks differently from the other three?

After seeing the first episode, I profusely speculated that the penguins were another Kyubey in the making—which I was proven wrong. I thought these were some creatures that would trick their “masters.” But then after knowing how they cared for the Takakuras and how they reflected their owners’ behaviours, I realized that this show might have taken the notion of dæmons and applied it to the penguins since it uses loads of references.

From Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, dæmons represents the manifestation of a person’s soul. So just like these creatures, I’m guessing that the penguins are the materialization of the spirits of their holders since they revealed the lifelines of their “masters” and somehow resembled to them. In addition, unlike the Kyubeys, I believe that these creatures have morality. Clearly, they show altruism and other human behaviours—which strongly disproves my theory that they’re another Kyubey in the making.

And lastly, after seeing the diary got burned into ashes, I’m wondering what exactly the spell to defeat Sanetoshi and Momoka’s last words. I really think that Ringo will play an important role on the last episode since she’s the inheritor of the diary, but I don’t know what she’s going to do now that the diary was gone. I’m presuming that Yuri might have another replicate–gawd, I’m so hoping that Yuri will super surprise us again.

Overall, Mawaru Penguindrum is such an enjoying show. I like this series because it always leaves me hanging with so many questions and pushes me to speculate even though there’s really “nothing” to wonder. As I first wrote, Mawaru Penguindrum is nonsense. Hence, my 2011 anime year will never be as enjoying without this on my list.