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Daikichi and Rin became one of the most heart-warming duos of the year. Usagi drop offered an exceptionally poignant and blissful story of parenting and being a child. Although I don’t know how it feels like to become a parent, I was deeply touched by this series because of how it reflected the particularly common family and societal issues that we tend to overlook—losing parents and becoming a parent.

Another key feature of this series is how it challenged the traditional concept of a family. As a social construct, family is a group of people which we tend to think that is composed of a dad, a mom, and kids. However, the message which came across this anime is that family as a unit is not inevitably composed of a dad, a mom and kids but rather of people who wanted to become part of that exclusive group. As we have witnessed with Daikichi and Rin, biological parents are not necessary to raise a child. Also, in order to become a parent, one must be willing to sacrifice, provide, and care for a child.

In addition, another reason why Usagi Drop truly deserves a spot on my 12 Days of Christmas  is because it’s atypical to find an anime which features a mature topic having a respectable grown-up character as a lead.


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