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With its gorgeous art, lighthearted plotline, zealous take on sports, and love triangle as a side story, Chihayafuru instantly became my favourite series of the season. I also mentioned on my last Chihayafuru post that the fascinating body movements and swift spins of the cards in the air captivated me. But I’d like to set aside all of those for now, because I like to dedicate this post for Chihaya Ayase.

Apparently since this is an anime, I’m not going to deny that the first step for me to like a character is through judging the physical looks. I instantly fell in love with Chihaya particularly because of her eyes and lips. I truly adore how
her glowing eyes beautifully express the care-freeness and sincerity of her character. Just by looking at those eyes, I can ardently feel Chihaya’s joy and passion. As for her lips, I loved how they were nicely and pleasingly shaped. The pinkness and moist suggest subtle lusciousness—which is pleasingly sexy because it’s not over to the top. Also, I love Chihaya’s neck. It’s neither too long nor short, the length is just perfect.

Aside from her physical aspects, Chihaya’s gorgeousness is emblazoned by her clumsiness and genuineness. This girl will do anything for the sake of Karuta—from climbing a tree… to running after and begging for Karuta members. She doesn’t care on how she’s going to look like as long as she gets what she wants—which is a very charming personality not just in anime but also in real life. In addition, Chihaya is so cute whenever she’s being pushy to practice and play Karuta. But at the same time, it’s not annoying because she also likes to learn from her peers and recognizes her weak spots. For instance, she wholeheartedly welcomed Kana’s expertise on the meanings history behind the cards and learned from it to improve her game.

Overall, I’m loving Chihayafuru mainly because of Chihaya’s character. I’m enjoying how a stunner like her is designed as comedic and hilarious but not to the extent that the she is being judged as “beauty with no brains”. Chihaya might be portraying “beauty in vain” in her world, but in my world that’s what made her so charming and fun to watch.

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