Initially, Un-Go failed to impress me with its first few episodes. I was almost certain to drop this series. But if it wasn’t because of its ending song, I would have missed out this awesome show. Also, arguably this show has the best opening and ending songs (combined together).

The first time I heard Un-Go’s ED song, I was captivated by its entrancing and mystifying tune and beat. Aside from that, the animation and its content were such interesting to watch. The evocative and eyegasmic used of the visuals especially the colours and patterns were simply fascinating. It’s like they’re promising me that, there’s something to unmask and it would only get better episode after episode.

In addition, its opening song also didn’t fail to enchant me. I most specifically commend how the phasing is so engaging and so perfectly upbeat with the music—especially the back-flipping and somersaulting Inga, I loved that! In contrast to the ED song, the OP song is extremely engaging and gripping. But similarly to the ED song, it’s confounding especially whenever Shinjurou’s serious and sad face was being focused at.

Overall, I’d say every bits of what an anime has to offer is significantly important for the show. Some might argue that OP and ED songs do not really bring that much value. But in most cases, for me, they make or break the show. Thank goodness for these songs and music that I didn’t drop this delightful series, Un-Go.


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