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Blog Carnival is an organized project created by du5k of One Minute of Dusk, discussing and blogging something regarding about a common topic. I’m glad to participate on this together with my other fellow anibloggers. So just like what other had already said, let the carnival begin!

Perfection irritates as well as it attracts, in fiction as in life.
~Louis Auchincloss

First off, reviewing an anime is highly subjective no matter how objective we claimed to be. But if you have been watching for a long time, you need some sort of a marking scale on how you would rank what you had seen and how you would justify the differences. I’m a huge believer of numbers because I view it purer than any other word if being used correctly. Say for instance with words you can have excellent, superb, brilliant and outstanding but how would you know which is the best of the best through these? Take note, we are reviewing and evaluating, we want to be as accurate as much as possible—of course we don’t have to show this, and I do believe that we have our own mental calculators (to those who insist they don’t have, I deeply apologize).

I do acknowledged the fact that numbers would never mean a thing unless it’s being explained. But come on, we are anibloggers—that’s why we have that huge white space to fill-in. That being said, neither I’m implying that numbers is superior to words, nor words are superior to numbers. But whatever vagueness and broadness of words have can be reduced through the use of numbers. Likewise with numbers, it will forever remain as a plain figure unless words will breathe some life into it.

So, here’s a rough idea on how I would score an anime. I came up with these numbers to at least accurately express to my readers WHAT weighs the most when I’m watching anime and WHY I’m entertained in a GENERAL SENSE and SIMPLEST way. If I’m not blogging or reviewing publicly, there’s no point of doing this because I know exactly what I want.

0. Genre (0%)  I don’t score the genre. But to capture my attention, an anime should fall under the category that I’m interested at—how can I start evaluating if I’m not even touching them. By most part, I choose shows that are mainly categorized as slice-of-life, psychological, yuri, romance, and comedy. But of course, there are always exceptions. If the anime is well-recommended by a friend then, I’ll definitely give it a shot.

1. Animation (30%)  Animation is always the first to capture my eyes whenever I look for an anime to watch and most of my first impression depended on it. After all, were watching anime—animated stuff.
a. Eye-candy characters
b. Painstaking architecture and vibrant aesthetics
c. Consistency of the artwork
Examples: Chihayafuru, Bakemonogatari, 5cm Per Second

2. Characters (20%) – how the characters deeply impacted and made me think
a. Lovely character artwork that someone I can fangirl with.
b. Character development
c. Dynamicity and characterization
d. Convincing Dialogues
Examples: Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari), Kyuubey (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica ), and Rinroku Kaishou (Un-Go)

3. Musicality (10%) – these are sound and music that will put you into the appropriate mood. I prefer something that has captivating Opening and Ending songs, refreshing background music which is consistent with the atmosphere and emotion of the scene, and meaningful lyrics
Examples: Noruniro (Mawaru Penguindrum’s OP), Fantasy (Un-Go’s ED), and Storywriter (Eureka Seven)

4. Plot (30%) – how artistic, profound, non-deceptive, emotional is the sequence and pattern of events.
a. Striking Introduction
b. Moving and profound plotline
c. Astounding climax
d. non-gimmicky but twisted conflict
Examples: Clannad After Story, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and Mahou Shoujo Madoka

5. Memorable Ending (10%) – usually, I like an ending that is still packed with mystery because I believed that some things are always better left unsaid. But, that being said, the mystery should never be greater than the revelation.
Examples: Clannad After Story, Eureka Seven, and Revolutionary Girl Utena

Although I came up with this system, I’m not really fond of reviewing and scoring an anime because writing this is boring and tedious. Not that I have anything against with it–it’s just not my thing.  Also, I mentioned on my last posts that the only anime that I gave a ten on MAL is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. If I’m going to use my own marking system, I doubt that it would get a 100%, however, it’s good enough to be called as a masterpiece.

And of course, it’s really up to us on how we’re going to measure the level of our enjoyment. After all, judging an anime is just all about our own preferences.

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