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Having read all the 17 entries of this Blog Carnival, the participants all have agreed that rating an anime is highly subjective due to an infinite number of reasons.

So why is that so? Anime is an art. It’s an expression that is purely creative with the intention of stimulating our imaginations. Clearly, individuality defines the perception of the viewer–albeit we are using our brains or hearts. And because of this, it’s exceedingly impossible to recapture that sole authentic entertaining experience. For instance, none of the 17 participants came up with identically the same criteria or basic elements that affect the way they enjoy an anime. Indeed, some agreed that animation, plot, and character immensely influenced how we take pleasure in watching anime. But, if we are going to dissect what makes a good character, plot and animation, nobody stated exactly the same factors that defined these.

Another thing that I realized from this carnival is that we are clearly products of our own time and space. I do believe that the diversity in our reasoning is vastly due on how anime impact us exclusively in a way that we could relate or understand what we are, as Marrow said, experiencing. And surely, our historicity with anime together with our personal experiences becomes our benchmarks in defining that masterpiece.

And lastly, 10/10 anime is an endless array of definitions. Every single blogger who participated on this anime blog carnival defined 10/10 differently. Some are willing to give that “perfect” mark because it symbolically best delineates their viewing experience which does not necessarily mean flawlessness, and some are not keen to do so because for them a 10/10 means perfection—no more room for improvement. In these two cases, I classify myself as the former. But at the end of the day, we all agreed that how we rate anime is solely based on our own preferences—no more, no less.

Overall, it is such a fun experience participating on this Blog Carnival. I would like to thank all the participants for sharing their thoughts, especially du5k for organizing this event.

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