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If last week we were blown away by Kanbaru’s seductiveness, then surely this week has a different picture. With just a flick of a switch, all of a sudden Senjougahara is back on track. This girl doesn’t need to get naked to slobber her fanbase because all she has to do is to . . . *smeyes*. . .  And voila! She has imprisoned us with her sadistic glares.

Smeyes is popularized by Tyra Banks. It is short for smile with your eyes. You don’t literally smile but you create some sort of an expression or you put emotions into your eyes that would surely absorb your viewers. And, it is effectively done if you intensified your smeyesing by some striking poses. As Tyra said, smeyes and you’ll get a second date—uhm, duh…

Okay, so way back in Bakemonogatari, we had been engrossed by the Senjougahara Fascination because of Hitagi’s straight-face yet fierce look flourished by some odd and arty poses such as the infamous head-tilts. It is so captivating to see how she unleashed all her seriousness, naughtiness, sincerity, and vicious love through those sexy blue eyes.

So, if there’s a difference between Kanbaru and Senjougahara’s fanservice that is, Kanbaru got stripped right before the viewers’ eyes, while Senjougahara stripped the viewers right before her very own eyes. So truly, as they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul… and the secret curtain is smeyesing!

Speaking of the soul, I loved this recent episode. It unveiled that soulful Araragi-Senjougahara relationship that made me fall in-love with Bakemonogatari. Staying true to their classic freeze-framed relationship, it all started with Senjougahara torturing Araragi and reminding the consequences of dating her. It was linked to the first episode and brought into our attention that she kidnapped her boyfriend in order to protect him from the creepy guy named Kaiki.

And although it was never resonated on her cold voice, Hitagi’s desire to guard Koyomi was oddly and sadistically shown how she handcuffed and chained her boyfriend. But, we all know that Koyomi is just such an adorable and a kind-hearted boyfriend to play as masochistic with his girlfriend. Most of all, what I truly liked about this couple is they know how far they can stretch each other’s boundaries and respect each other. Senjougahara’s sensitive and feminine side is so cute as she blushingly confirmed that she finds Araragi’s stubbornness to save everyone cool and how she would still love him even if she’s a man.

Gosh, I just really heard my heart went dokidoki and echoed with badump! effect after that scene.

Lastly, the cliff-hanger sounds so exciting; I like the idea of having Senjougahara and Hanekawa teaming-up together… that should be really fun.