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If last winter I was enchanted by Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, this time I’m spellbound by Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Although it seemed comedic and playful for the most part, I like it because from the get-go it already gave us that mysterious vibe and sad event. Aside from that, this series also has very heart-warming yuri moments and engaging visuals and musicals. However, what fully caught my attention is the intricate and mind-boggling magical makeover of these Swansong and Noise-fighting schoolgirls especially Hibiki’s super awesome techno-futuristic transformation on the first episode.

The lovely visualization of how these regular young girls turned into glamorous fighting machines is so amusing. It gives me that entrancing spiritual experience whenever they deviate out from their earthly bodies as they change into the marvellous magical girls in armours. These scenes may seem like short flashes but when dissected, these give fascinating profundities that we can play creatively within our imaginations.

Interestingly, just like its predecessors, I find these transformation sequences as charming and spiritual in nature because from being ordinary, these young ladies undergo to the divinization process. I’m so charmed by the idea of the possibility and the possibility of the impossible. The imagery wherein a magical girl hovers as she aesthetically moves and glows into the air over a magical background as her clothes fade away is so symbolic and very feminine in nature. And, the way it’s being depicted is like the classic mental picture of the mystery of the Intelligible Triad.

That’s because we can see that during the transformation, the Harmonic is like a little world inside the great universe as she suspend by all her three spirits. First, we know that her worldly body is deeply connected and in constant sympathy to save its parent earth. Second, being a creature that has her own thoughts, she separates herself from this material world as she creates her new form of reality.

Further, Symphogear has very cool and enthralling visualizations of how a Harmonic’s astral soul suspends and lives in unison with her sidereal anima mundi—she is in it, as it is in her. Those techno background, sound bars, and cryptic wordplays are so wonderful and emblematic in ricocheting the world-pervading elements which fill all the space. Plus, I love the progressive movements on the screen for embodying the shoreless and infinite space.

Third, in the final phase of her divinity, it’s so captivating to see those segments of infinitesimal rays and those countless radiations. I see it as something that represents the Highest Cause—the emblazoning of the eternal Spiritual Light/Sound of the World. Hence, this trinity of the organic and inorganic facets creatively shows the clashing and merging of the physical and spiritual world. Or simply, the wonderful transformation of an ordinary school girl to sexy goddess-like Harmonic.

Right now, this is the most engaging anime that I’m watching. Apparently, I’m loving it more than I thought I would. But of course, how can’t I? With music as its main plot device embellished by yurific moments and artistic visuals, Symphogear is truly one of its kind. Plus, there are so much for me to fangirl about on this show (quite shallow but who cares? duh.)

And, Kanade x Tsubasa and Hibiki x Miku… so hnngggg<3