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It seems like winter doesn’t want to leave us yet. A huggable arctic creature popped out this spring season and built a cozy place for us to stay. Yes, it’s the Polar Bear Café. With Shirokuma, Panda, Penguin, together with the rest of the crew, this coffee shop welcomes us to sip and stay as we enjoy the funny and fuzzy gags of a warm café.

One of the things that I truly like about this show is how it presents the global phenomenon behind the coffee culture. Coffee is a material substance which is highly regarded as a social lubricant and is naturally diverse goods. Its value is derived from where the beans are grown, size and texture, and how they are roasted. Once processed, these can be blended with other coffee beans from different places to produce pleasingly complex aromas with distinctive tastes.

On the other hand, culture infuses coffee with social and symbolic meanings. Through culture, consuming coffee can establish an identity, express values, and affirm social ties. Come to think of it, a café may have different kinds of coffee blends, but no matter how mixed the aromas are, all of them are creating a harmonized, organic, and relaxing scent that would make anyone at ease and feel at home. A coffee house also caters our moods, tastes, and caffeine necessities. Fascinatingly, one table can have different cups with different blends by which each serving represents the presence and significance of a person.

Further, it’s amazing how a café becomes a home not just for different kinds of coffee beans and drinks from around the world but also turns into a social hub which harbours people with different identities coming together to socialize and relax.

Pretty much just like what Polar Bear Café features. There are different animals and humans from all over the world gathering in a coffee house to share their daily and fun experiences. If there’s one thing in common that they have, it’s the keenness of drinking.

Personally, I enjoyed the first episode not only because of the cute characters and pleasing comedy but also because of the setting. Dropping into a café already became part of my daily routine because I’m fond of drinking coffee (or tea) whether it concerns my caffeine necessities or just chillaxing with friends.

Having said all of these, I also appreciate how Shirokuma cares in the preparation of the coffee and serving the customers. He’s making coffee consumption more than just about drinking, but rather he’s building a comfortable place where everyone can associate his or her feelings while drinking coffee as they enjoy each other’s company. And although the characters are animals, I commend how Polar Bear Café embellished a realistic human touch in a fun way.