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One of the series that I’m enjoying this season is Natsuiro Kiseki. As a slice-of-life fan, I love watching the portrayals of the everyday mundane life. At first glance, this anime looks so forgettable but for some magical reason, slowly I got enchanted by this show. I find that what made this anime distinctive from the likes of the other slice-of-life series, such as Minami-ke, K-On!! and Tamayura Hitotose, is the enthralling idea behind the magic.

Sometimes the thought of something unrealistic is frustrating because of its unachievable nature. We don’t want to believe in something extraordinary because it’s logically impossible. But come to think of it, no matter how much we distanced ourselves, we still keep on coming back to the world of fantasy. Why? Because magic is a basic human need.

So before somebody say that I’m in delirium, let me explain why.

The perception of fantasy stemmed out from reality. Because we’re living in a disoriented world, it’s hard for us to get-up once we lose our control. People started believing in magic because it acts as an equalizer to the arising chaos of the reality. Just like what they say, magic is an escape from reality.

Yuka experienced how to become Saki and realized that she can never be someone else that she’s not. Natsumi had a chance to see the outside view of herself and make the necessary adjustments. And after Saki hilariously glued herself to Natsumi for a day, she realized that she doesn’t need to be alone and that there’s somebody out there who’s willing to carry the burden of her stress.

Hence when all things fail, we want to imagine things that we cannot do as ordinary humans. Whatever spark we find, we’re embracing it because we want to believe that we can make the world equal and just in situations where it’s not. It’s like we’re trying to pretend that the word “supernatural” never existed as long as the fantasy that we believe in can restore the order.

Just like the rock in Natsuiro Kiseki, its enchantment isn’t really because it fulfills wishes but rather it sheds the realisations on how these girls can once again stand-up from their trials and regain their control of the situation.

Truly, we need enchantment in our lives because we cannot stop the world from becoming disenchanted. We want something to hold on to that promises something bigger and better than what we use to have.