About SnippetTee

The name SnippetTee is subconsciously inspired by Lemony Snicket, the narrator of A Series of Unfortunate Events. It came from the words “snippet”, a reusable source code that is often used to clarify the meaning of an otherwise cluttered function, and “tee”, a term taken from the word T-shirt.

One time, I was in my programming class and was planning to sell my calculus book. Since I didn’t want to use my real name when posting on public sites, I decided to create a nickname. Upon hearing the word “snippet”, I found it really fancy and decided to use it as my first name; and since I was wearing a “tee” at that time, I randomly wrote it to fill-in my last name. Hence, I mystically got the name SnippetTee.

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About Lemmas and Submodalities

My posts are thought experiments ranging from casual to in-depth timeless themes in anime. Oftentimes, inspiration visits me in a form of vague and tiny piece of idea that is yearning to be explored.

How I came up with the blog name