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Before, I viewed the web as a mere chimera of a borderless world. Regardless of how much space and time it defies, I used to find it as a vast ocean which was infinitely overflowing with imaginary people. In fact, I was seeing anyone who’s outside my Facebook account as an unreal person—I have a feeling that other people are also thinking the same way about me—although I understand that there’s flesh and blood behind an avatar.

But, how I see the web started to change when I joined SCCSAV. Huge thanks to Vucub Caquix for letting me into the group. I can still fully remember my first invitation to watch Redline with SCCSAV. Initially, I felt really awkward and nervous because neither I have spoken nor watched with unfamiliar people online—I was so out of my comfort zone, yet still I would like to explore it. Because I do admit that even in real life, it takes time before I become familiar and find my comfortable spot when dealing with people.

On the other hand, that being said, even though Redline was outside my genre and was viewing it with unfamiliar folks, I had lots of fun watching it. Apart from the fact that this anime was visually fantastic and eyegasmic, I was so entertained by the funny and interesting side comments of my co-SCCSAVers. And most of all, hearing their laughter was so contagious.

In addition, I don’t know if it’s only me, but I got chills and goosebumps the first time I heard somebody called me SnippetTee—I believe it was Vuc who first said my name. Further, being called by my online name for the first time made me so tense and hazukashi yo because it sounded so surreal, as if it was meant for somebody else. But on top of that, it brought me into the realization that the name that I’ve been concealing from everyone in the real world actually “exists” because another human being knows about it and says exactly like I do in my mind.

But overall, with this online experience, I realized that the world is actually smaller than I thought it was. Plus, it’s so amazing how interaction and friendship can be established just through spatial and temporal presence, in which physicality isn’t too necessary, but instead, the love and fandome of watching anime.