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Oh summer, it’s probably the most awaited season of the year. But how could it not be? It’s the embodiment of the youth life, that time of the year when school is over and free-time is excessive. Yes, this is it, the epithet of the beginning of the seemingly never-ending fun.

In some mysterious ways, there’s just something special with its heat for bringing the endless possibilities of excitement. Whether it’s the usual camping on the woods, fun moments at the beach, hefty times in summer jobs, or lazy days in somebody else’s room… Yes! How I loved the warmth for compiling all of these in my photo album of memories.

Also, as nostalgia starts to simmer in my subconsciousness, how could I ever forget the pages of that dull yet addicting pain that this warm season had introduced me with? How wonderful that was and experimental in its deepest sense. The passing summer love by which overtime became my seasonal drug and cyclically turned the ache into ecstasy. Indeed, it’s the loss of innocence—the enlightenment of the blazing sun. So sweet yet too short though I knew there’s naught to complain.

For all I discern, reality is the only thing that there is to blame. It’s funny how summer comes and goes with its endearing fling, which wasn’t even worthy to be chased. Because all it gave me was the option to drift and return to my wandering state, as I anticipated vainly for its next occurrence.

But oh well, I guess it’s really unavoidable how some memories just suddenly jerk off when you’re watching a familiar theme. I’m not sure how Ano Natsu is going to end. It may seem cliché, but regardless, I’m loving this show due to the its nostalgic vibe—whether it’s reviving the shadow of some past anime (Toradora and Ano Hana) or recalling a few personal summer flings.

And I admit, I sound cheesy and silly but yet I can’t help to reminisce. Teen life is always so recollecting.


Side Notes:

  • My family moved quite a few times and I transferred schools several times… which made me relate with Ichika’s feelings when she’s thinking about her future departure.
  • I just realized that it’s easy to describe summer when it’s winter (and especially when you’re pretending like a snowman–don’t ask why).
  • Is it only me… I noticed that summer fling is a very common theme IRL and in anime.