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I mentioned on my past posts that time is the variable that I fancy the most. In fact when I was in university, it came to the point that I got so obsessed with it that I wanted everything to be in-sync and happen exactly like I perceived. I was being raised by a single parent. Unlike some lucky kids, I have to support my schooling by my own.

So while I was enjoying the success of handling both school and work, it somewhat hurt my personal relationships. I started to notice that I could no longer relate with my friends’ inside jokes and I always dozed off easily whenever I go on dates and events. But overtime, I managed to fix it not only by finding the schedule which suited me best, but also because my shift became more flexible as I gained seniority at my workplace.

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to convey is regardless of my time management, I still need to sacrifice some stuff if I want to gain other stuff because I cannot have everything. That’s why in terms of forming my anime list, I tend to have a somewhat short list. The first impression matters a lot to me because I don’t have the time to see up to three episodes whether I’m going to keep a series or not. After one or two episodes, I’m concluding my decision.

Usually, I only tend to keep four or less series on my bucket per season because if I choose more, that would mean I would have to cut some of my hobbies such as watching TV shows, browsing new music, and hanging out with friends—which are relevant in order for me to socially exist IRL.

Aside from this, I also chose to blog. Although I’m talking about anime, I still want to present something unique and contribute ideas that are beyond the usual aniblogosphere discussion. Thinking of a topic takes most of my time. Over the weekdays, I’m not in the mood to blog because I’m already exhausted by the time I get home from work. But to maintain my posting consistency, I always set myself a deadline.

Meeting this cut-off time and coming up with a unique theme is the most interesting part whenever I write because it gives me challenge, leisure, and drive to continue. My regular visitors might have noticed that I frequently blog over the weekends, that’s because I have more time to sleep and free time to reflect. It’s also important for me to keep-up with the shows that I’m watching so that I can write something relevant in time. But that being said, I still keep this anime hobby unknown to my friends. It’s because sometimes, I just want to have that solitude moment and this anime pastime rewards me that space and escapism that I’m seeking.

Another way for me to keep up with anime updates and connect with the blogosphere is through Twitter—I have it on my phone. Seeing those anime avatars exchange ideas is so amusing to look at. I enjoy reading threads and debates, except for spoilers. However lately, I keep on noticing that some people tweet that they are forever alone and that the only friends whom they have are their computers. At first it’s so funny to read tweets like these, but come to think of it, every joke is a half truth.

For us bloggers, it’s really gratifying to gain that virtual presence, but if you’re empty IRL, I don’t think it’s good. Come to think of it, successful interaction is just all about timing and balancing of both worlds—real and virtual lives.


Side Notes:

  • I’m honoured that a fellow blogger, Kai of Deluscar, invited me to participate with this Anime Time Management project. Check out also his interesting post.
  • Most of my main sources of ideas came from the discussions that I had with friends, what I watched on TV, and what I read from somewhere.